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In January 2019 Alliado Solutions was founded in Cologne. Why? To support local entrepreneurs by providing them with creative and affordable advertising opportunities, leveling the playing field for every business.

Now that everything seems to happen online, small business owners seem to be at a disadvantage. Online advertising takes time, cost money and can be difficult. But despite marketing being a vital part of every company, all you really want is to have more time for the things that are really important, right? The products of Alliado Solutions can help with that, whether you have experience with online marketing or not. We want you to have more time to focus on your job: running your business.

We come to work every day because we believe we can help small business owners, as well as their customers. This is what drives and motivates us. Potential customers often don’t even know about the existence of small businesses in their area, because they never pass by there or because the business is somewhat hidden in a sidestreet or the corner of a square. If the business is not very active online then it might not be able to reach potential customers and eventually go out of business. We believe we can play a role in bringing together businesses and customers, providing platforms for companies to present themselves to interested people.


Alliado Solutions UG (haftungsbeschränkt) - Advertising solutions for small business

January 2019 – Founding of Alliado Solutions UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

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September 2019 – MealSpotter Pilot in Cologne

The people behind Alliado Solutions

Johannes Weber, Co-Founder of Alliado Solutions

Johannes Weber


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Due to business establishments within my own family I was always interested in taking the chances to move into self-employment myself someday. My grandfather, who built a construction market as a family business, and my mother, who pursued her dream and founded an elderly care service, serve not only as an inspiration but also as daily motivation to me. With their perseverance and strength both have become important role models in my life. As a result of their companies I have a special connection to local businesses and I care very strongly about the fact that entrepreneurs, independent of their age, should have an easy and uncomplicated way to reach their customers digitally. This is our dream at Alliado Solutions: Businesses should be opened and not closed! People should be reached wherever they are & as easy as possible! Digitization is a chance to get people together and not to exclude them because of a lack of opportunities or knowledge. We help those who missed out and we will leave nobody behind!

As a Co-Founder of Alliado Solutions, I am responsible for Administration, Finance, Marketing and Sales.

Lukas Zech, Co-Founder of Alliado Solutions

Lukas Zech


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After my education in the field of cloud-based internet applications and processes for software development, I continued to develop myself into a self-taught expert in this field, due to my enthusiasm for technology. In the last few years I have put this knowledge into practice as a freelance consultant and developer for several companies in different industries. Part of my experience was gained in the co-founding of an earlier B2B2C startup, in which I was responsible for designing the IT infrastructure and the complete development.

In Alliado Solutions I am responsible for Development, Information Technology and Security.